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Your Voicemails might now be transcribed by Siri

The future is here. Apple is now preparing to launch a voicemail service that will use Siri to transcribe your messages. And since we all know what a pain it is to listen to those voicemails again, you will then receive a message from iCloud of the transcribed voicemail, although this is due in 2016.

Here’s the theory that Apple is using: People like to leave voicemails because it is much easier to leave an oral message as opposed to typing it all out in a text message. But, other the other hand, people don’t like to receive voicemails because it is much easier to read a message, than go through all the voicemails someone has left.

Plus, older people prefer to leave and listen to voicemails.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a baby boomer, or the Gen Y, you will love this new service from Apple.

So, all of that juicy info begs the question – how does this new voicemail thing works?

Let me tell you.

Consider that your friend is calling you and you are unable to take a call. So, instead of letting that call go, Siri will answer it. It will relay the information about where you are and why you cannot pick up the phone right now. But here’s the best part, once your friend ends the call, you will receive a transcription of that voicemail.

As of now, this new Siri voicemail service is being tested by Apple employees. It is predicted that if the service is improved and is deemed reliable enough, 2016 will be the year when it will be launched, possibly along with the new iOS 10 update.