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3 Project Management Tools for Seamless Collaboration

There are several project management tools available out there. But not all of them are business oriented. What small businesses need is a project management tool that helps them manage their projects efficiently as well as allows for a seamless collaboration.

Cloud-based tools are more preferable both in terms of functionality and affordability. They are great options to maximise your productivity, keeping you on top of your competitors. The following are three project management tools that not only help you to manage your resources and track your projects but also let you create a collaborative environment to work with cross-department teams and clients seamlessly.

All these tools mentioned here are more than just basic project management. You can keep a track of activities, manage your resources and generate reports effortlessly. Most, importantly, they take collaboration to the next level with slick and user-friendly interfaces.

1. Nutcache

The flexible collaborative boards of Nutcache (opens in new tab) make it a unique project management tool. From managing your project by team/phases to perform resources’ task assignments, these collaborative boards can do it all. Extremely business oriented, Nutcache is a perfect solution for businesses of all size and project management requirement levels. It facilitates seamless collaboration to help you work smarter, enhance your teams’ performance and improve your ROI.

A cloud-based solution, Nutcache is light on your pocket as you don’t need any on-site deployment. Using its easy-to-use, web-based collaborative boards you can invite your colleagues, clients, suppliers, vendors, and other collaborators to communicate, share ideas, feedback and files, and work together to achieve a common goal.

Nutcache Features:

  • Assign tasks to each employee with a due date.

  • Create a project board for a specific project and attach files to it.

  • Graphic indicators for a visual representation of your project advancement and profitability.

  • Reports on individual projects.

  • Create boards for specific projects and organise boards using lists and cards.

  • Organise your lists, reflecting your workflow.

  • Use cards to add important information such as worked hours, checklists, expenses, and attached documents

  • Drag cards from one list to another

  • Fast collaboration and document management

  • Generate invoices and tax summary

  • Get an overview of key data and stats related to a specific project

  • Time tracking by employee/project

  • Report generation

Nutcache also makes it easier for you to collect/make payments as it integrates with several popular payment gateways including Paypal, Stripe,, and 2Checkout. The PRO version, started from $14 per month onwards, is just perfect for small businesses and teams, loaded with all the key features required for enhanced project management skills. Besides, it offers an enterprise-level package, which is more suitable for larger organisations.

2. Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects (opens in new tab) is a great tool for both large and small businesses. The dashboard of this project management tool puts all information related to your projects in one single place for a quick access. In fact, this integrates with several other Zoho products. Zoho Projects also features many add-ons such as project wiki pages, chat and its highly customisable Reports platform.

The document management feature of Zoho Projects includes many advanced functionalities including access control and revision tracking. It even lets you structure files into hierarchical folders according to your workflow and also associates each folder with tasks.

Zoho Projects Features:

  • Project planning and task assignments with milestones, tasklists, task dependencies, and resource utilisation.

  • A standard Gantt chart functionality to view the status and progress of your projects.

  • Real-time updates and notifications.

  • Timesheet management that allows you to log your billable and non-billable hours and convert that into invoices automatically, using Zoho invoice.

  • Advanced analytics and business intelligence reporting system (Zoho Reports).

  • The chat rooms empower you to collaborate effectively and spontaneously in real-time with team members and clients alike.

  • Interactive message boards to spark conversations and enhance collaboration.

  • Bug tracker to get issues fixed and tested.

  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Zoho Projects also integrates with several third-party products, including Dropbox and Google Applications. You can sync tasks with Gmail, use Google Drive for project files, and sync your project events with Google Calendar. The free version supports just one project and the paid packages start from $20 per month and can go as high as up to $80 per month.

3. ConceptBoard

ConceptBoard (opens in new tab) is another option to “boost your collaboration." This visual collaboration platform features centralised whiteboards so that your teams can discuss, evolve and share ideas, products and services visually. It features a live location option, using which you can view the locations of all participating members as well as what screen part they are seeing at present. For any business, sharing feedback plays a key role in successful teamwork, keeping everyone on the same page. With its in-context feedback, ConceptBoard guarantees faster iterations. It ensures your project goals are achieved.

For businesses with cross-border employees, remote workers and offshore partners, ConceptBoard is a great tool for brainstorming, document reviewing, feedback sharing, and straightforward live meetings. It is really a unique take on the traditional whiteboard app concept.

ConceptBoard Features:

  • Upload concepts, drafts and documents.

  • Add pictures from other websites using simple drag and drop feature.

  • Import office documents.

  • Collaborate and communicate visually and document your ideas, feedback and discussions next to your content.

  • Mention @teammate on vital work and/or assign them a task.

  • Constant SSL protection and dedicated server data encryption, if required.

This project management tool works with various other applications such as Excel, Word, Photoshop, PDF files, and more. Besides, it integrates with Google Drive. Participants can leverage live video and voice features apart from chat rooms to enhance collaboration. While their paid packages start from $28.50 per annum, it is limited to three users and mostly applicable for small teams. Packages starting from $590 per annum are preferable for small enterprises.


Using outdated methods such as email to communicate with others and access large files is usually frustrating, especially when working on time-dependent work processes. A better and enhanced communication is ‘must’ for businesses to develop effective work processes. This is where collaborative project management tools set themselves above the crowd. All these tools help you to get real-time updates and facilitate live chats to make planning and document managing a seamless process, enhancing your teams’ performance.

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