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£54 million fund for employees who got cancer while working for Samsung

It was 2014 when Samsung promised that they will compensate the employees who are now suffering from cancer due to the chemical exposure in its chip plants. Now, the South Korean tech giant has made good on this promise and has created an $85 million (£54 million) fund to help people suffering with cancer.

The plan is to help the families of the workers and the contractors who are suffering from cancer due to working in Samsung’s factories, and they will be receiving payments for their treatment. Moreover, the funds will be used to invest in the research and development to improve the worker safety in their factories.

When this issue was first brought to light, Samsung were reluctant to help their workers. But last year, they offered an apology and promised to create said fund to help workers. At the time of writing there are more than 200 workers who have suffered from lymphoma and leukemia since the 90s because of working in Samsung’s semiconductor plants.

This will be a win for the families of the 200 workers, but Samsung has made it clear that they are not conceding to a link between the chemicals used in their chips and cancer.

SHARPS, a South Korean activist group that represents most of the affected employees had previous set its sight on revealing everything they can about the working conditions in Samsung’s factories. The group also stands for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor industry. The group declined to comment on the new fund offered by Samsung.