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Hackers are taking down websites using serious internet address bug

Who knew that there would be a serious flaw in the Internet’s architecture, but according to a security firm, hackers are exploiting this flaw to disrupt the sites.

This particular flaw is in the systems that convert the URLs into IP addresses and when the hackers exploit it, they are able to launch different denial-of-service attacks on websites that force them to go offline. The regular users are unlikely to be affected from this exploit, but then again, there would be no activity if the users are not able to reach the website.

The name of the DNS software that is used on majority of the internet servers around the world, is known as Bind. and the recently identified bug allows the attackers to crash the software, rendering the DNS service offline, and stopping URLs from working. The patch for the software is already available, but it will take a while for the servers to update.

We can relate this exploit to the reason why the UK users weren’t able to access AOL mail a couple of days before.

A networking expert from Sucuri, Daniel Cid said: “A few of our clients in different industries, had their DNS servers crashed because of it.

Based on our experience, server software, like Bind, Apache, OpenSSL and others, do not get patched as often as they should.”

If you are an average internet user, then you shouldn't notice much because this isn’t doomsday kind of situation, as the impact made by hackers is likely to be minimal.