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Here's how to make a hologram projector

If you're a nerd dying to do something cool at a party where people don't know the difference between the PC and the Mac, then we might have something for you.

A YouTube user named Mrwhosetheboss has uploaded a tutorial on how to make your very own hologram projector using nothing but your smartphone, an old CD case and some tape.

I haven't tried to make a hologram projector myself just yet, but if this thing is real (and I have no reason to doubt it), then it's super cool.

All you need is a graph paper, a CD case, tape, a pen, ruler, scissors, scalpel and a smartphone. As Mrwhosetheboss explains, first you will use the pen to draw a basic rhombus shape on the graph paper. After making the template, use it on the CD case (the transparent cover is what you’re looking for), and cut four of those using a scalpel.

After that, all you need to do is use some tape to stick the four shapes together, and place it on your smartphone’s screen.

Play a YouTube video on the smartphone (preferably one created for the hologram projector) and voila!

People have already started making these and posting results online. As you might have imagined, the results are stunning.