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New Nexus smartphone rumours start to circulate

The Nexus devices have definitely made there mark, and people love the devices because they offer a lot of power, packed inside a phablet size hood, at a price that is less than what other companies are offering.

The company is one of a few yet to release there flagship device for the year, and this year Nexus are set to break away from the norm.

This year we are expecting two Nexus smartphones this year. One will be with a monster screen, while the other will be a slightly more finger friendly one.

But let’s discuss the things that excite us, shall we?

We expect that the new Nexus will be launched in September or October this year as this is the time when the Android M will be landing.

Now here’s where it gets exciting. Both LG and Huawei have tipped that they are working on the new Nexus. So you should expect to see two different handset with different designs this year.

Huawei Nexus, which is also known as the Huawei Angler will have a metal body along with premium specs to match its design.

There is no word as of yet from LG in regards to their choice of material,will be using for the new Nexus, but we were able to find a crude case that accurately described the different ports on the new Nexus. There is a headphone jack on the top, power and volume buttons on the side, and a microUSB port on the bottom (don’t be sad if you were expecting a USB Type-C), and there was an additional cut out next to the microUSB port, which we believe might be for a stylus, or the speaker.

The case showed us something interesting than that though – there were two big circular cut-outs on the back, which we believe could be for the dual-lens camera, or maybe a fingerprint scanner? There is an additional square cut-out to the left that is likely for the camera flash.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for Google to reveal whether there will be a fingerprint scanner or not.

There are no news on the cost yet, but we are expecting that the new Nexus will be starting around $600, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Huawei Angler costs more than $600 considering the full metal body and premium specs to support that.