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The easy (and expensive) way to combine the Apple Watch with a luxury Swiss timepiece

Combining the added functionality of a smartwatch with the style and craftsmanship of world-renowned Swiss watchmakers is not an easy task, but one manufacturer has found a way to get the best of both worlds.

Luxury watch brand Nico Gerard has created a new timepiece that enables you to attach an Apple Watch to its strap, in effect creating a two-faced watch.

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The Pinnacle watch has a 41mm case, a mechanical movement certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute and is water resistant up to depths of 100 metres. It is available as a standard version, as well as limited edition variants dubbed Skyview and Sunrise.

“This classic timepiece shows the world you have an affinity for discerning tastes, and provides you with the technology that respects you to the core of your being,” the website explains. “The bracelet mechanics meld fine, Swiss-watchmaking traditions with the support of the 38mm Apple Watch, included for the insightful Nico Gerard clients that preorder this elegant marvel.”

Although carrying two watches may seem excessive, the luxury watch world has never been about restraint or the essentials. The Nico Gerard Pinnacle comes with the 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch included but will still set you back $9,300. If that isn’t exclusive enough, however, the Sunrise edition is priced at $112,000.

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The fact that Nico Gerard feels that there is a market for a two-faced watch reflects the fact that for all their utility, smartwatches are usually less aesthetically appealing than traditional watches. While this is likely to change in the future, for the time being smartwatch manufacturers have their work cut out on the design front.