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Viber app gets raft of improvements on Android and iOS

Viber has announced an update to its messaging app on Android and iOS, with a number of interface improvements and better voice call quality being promised.

Viber version 5.5 now automatically provides a message bubble with an image of the website a user is sharing when they drop a URL into chat, providing a nice preview of the web content in question.

The new app also allows sharing contacts from the user's phonebook as a message, with the recipient getting all the contact details including an image, and an option to swiftly save to their own contacts.

Viber's video calling interface has also been rejigged so it's possible to fire up a call directly from a contact's profile, or from the recent call list. Both voice and video call quality has been improved, too, but not at the cost of excessive data consumption the developers promise.

And on the sticker pack front, a number of animated stickers have been added which feature some popular characters including Violet, Freddie, Eve, Legcat and Rudy.

Other improvements have also been made to the tablet incarnations of the Viber app, with the Android tablet UI being graced with an improved, better designed call screen, and the iPad version allowing users to sync Viber across their tablet, iPhone and Mac computer. The latter means users can seamlessly carry on conversations across all their Apple devices.

Ofir Eyal, Head of Product, Viber, commented: “We’ve been listening to feedback and it’s clear that our users enjoy Viber for more than just text messaging. This update makes it easier for people to share richer content within their messages. With improvements to our voice call quality and our video calls interface, plus fun features like animated stickers, we are growing and maintaining a strong global user base by increasing engagement within the app.”