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Windows 10 Start menu bug discovered

Another bug has been discovered in Windows 10, adding to the list of reasons why users may want to defer upgrading.

The latest issue with Microsoft’s new operating system centres on the Start menu and seems to affect users with more than 512 application shortcuts.

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A number of Windows 10 users are being affected, using the Microsoft forums to explain the problem. Essentially, it appears as though there is a limit of 512 apps that can appear in the Start menu. Once this number has been exceeded, some of the program shortcuts will not appear, although it appears to be random as to which software is removed.

Microsoft program manager Arunjeet Singh reassured users that the problem was being investigated.

“The issue seems to affect people with more than 512 apps in their 'All apps' list,” he said. “To tell whether you're one of them:

1. Bring up the Start menu and search for Windows Powershell

2. Run Windows Powershell

3. Run the command 'Get-StartApps | measure' (without the quotes) in the command window

If you see a number larger than or equal to 512 you are affected by this issue. We are working on a fix to this issue.”

For many users, deleting apps until there are fewer than 512 won’t be an option, which means they can either opt to use a third-party Start menu or avoid Windows 10 until an update has been issued.

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Although the latest bug will certainly come as an annoyance, minor faults are to be expected when a new operating system is launched. As well as the app shortcut problem, users have also experienced difficulties activating the new OS and performance issues when using Google Chrome.