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YouTube launches new HTML5 desktop player

After months of testing the new video player, YouTube is finally rolling the update out to all desktop users. Even though it is not a full revamp to the video player, it lowers the size of the various elements and offers smarter automatic resolution options.

All the parts of YouTube’s video player are still where they were pre-update. Play/pause, fast forward and sound are located on the bottom left; video quality, size, Chromecast and fullscreen are located on the bottom right. For some videos, a promotional button will be located on the top right, highlighting featured content.

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YouTube hasn’t changed annotations either, something that users regularly turn off due to overuse. We were hoping to see at least some streamlined way to view annotations without having them all over the page, ruining the viewing experience.

This is not the only update coming to YouTube in the next few months. The Google-owned video sharing service plans to launch two subscription services, Music Key and an ad-free subscription to all channels.

There is also YouTube Gaming coming sometime later this year, which will be focused on esports and pro gaming content. Reports say YouTube is lining up deals with esports teams and personalities, to stream on the new platform instead of Twitch.TV.