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Apple could launch five new Beats radio stations

Apple has been granted permission to launch five additional Beats radio stations on Apple Music without having to renegotiate its deals with the music labels, all thanks to its previous and recent deals with Beats.

The Cupertino company has named the first radio station as Beats 1, rather than just ‘Beats’. And according to The Verge, we should expect to see more radio stations being launched, 6 stations to be precise before the tech giant will have to renegotiate its licenses with the music labels.

The Beats 1 service is currently available on a free trial basis and users have so far been pretty pleased it. Launched in late June, the labels too are pleased with the response of the audience. But many users are enjoying the service, while still waiting for the trial period to be over to see how much will it cost.

As of now, all the Apple Music subscribers are seen as trial users. Once the trial period ends this October, then the Music will be considered as a hit or a miss depending on the number of subscribers and how the service does after that.

It is also believed that Apple will take this opportunity to launch stations in different countries such as Australia, and also in some Asian countries. Or it will be targeting different music genres to serve a wider audience.