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Garmin announces slimmer Forerunner 25 running watch with GPS

The Garmin Forerunner 25 is a running watch for people who prefer their fitness tech to look like every day tech.

The new watch includes GPS tracking, calorific burn count, support for heart rate monitoring, and distance and pace measurement. If you mistook the Forerunner 25 for an old Casio watch, it’s not your mistake because it does have a striking resemblance.

If you compare this watch to the previous Forerunner 15, you’ll notice that there is a bigger screen, and the watch itself is slimmer. But don’t get too excited because the new one doesn’t have touch support. And if you’re one of those procrastinators, the watch will keep pinging you, just to make you feel guilty about not running.

And just like the previous device, the Forerunner 25 also supports Garmin Connect which automatically updates your stats whenever it is connected. You also have an option to share your stats through a MyFitnessPal account.

There are two versions of the Forerunner 25. One is larger, for larger wrists and lasts up to 10 hours in training mode, or up to 10 weeks in activity or tracking mode.

The other one is slightly smaller and lasts p to 8 hours in training mode and 8 weeks in watch/active tracking mode.