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Microsoft announces TV DVR for Xbox One coming next year

Microsoft is planning to swap Windows Media Center with a new digital video recording program, which will also be available on the Xbox One next year.

Announced at Gamescom on Tuesday, the DVR will be able to record pre-selected programs and on-demand shows. The system also allows Xbox One games to be streamed to a Windows 10 PC.


We heard past rumours that the DVR would be available on Xbox One, but the extension to Windows 10 is surprising. Microsoft intends to make all programs work platform-wide, which may be why it ported DVR to Windows 10.

It is the first time Microsoft has spoke about television on the Xbox One since the departure of Don Mattrick. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has been more focused on games and the core experience, removing Kinect and lowering the price to match Sony’s PS4.

The Xbox One can control cable TV through a HDMI port, allowing owners to move between gaming and TV. Sadly, the system wasn’t pushed heavily by Microsoft post-Mattrick, and Europe has been largely been left in the dark.

This looks like the revival of the DVR system and a push for TV dominance once again. The original goal of having TV on the Xbox One was to beat set-top box providers like Apple and Roku, who offered cheap hardware that offered a wide range of TV subscription services.

The system will launch in 2016, but only free-to-air TV will be recordable.