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Netflix heading to Japan next month, part of Asian expansion

As part of the global expansion strategy, Netflix wants to make its video streaming service available in 200 countries. The first Asian country to fit into the plan will be Japan, with the service launching on September 2nd.

The company confirmed the release of the service in Japan earlier this week, and have since launched a Twitter account ‘Netflix Japan’ and a landing page for the site. Netflix plans to stock the Japanese version with Netflix Originals and popular third-party content.

Since the majority of people in Japan do not speak English, Netflix is translating all of its original content to Japanese. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo will all be available to view.

Japan is home to a lot of anime and cartoons. Netflix will be stocking up on all popular content in the country, before potentially investing time to develop original content for the Japanese audience.

It is a smart move by Netflix to launch in Japan first, since it is the least volatile online market in Asia. Compared to China, India and Indonesia, where most content is pirated or streamed for free, Japan has a few popular subscription services.

Netflix plans to launch in Spain, Italy and Portugal next, adding to the bucket list of countries in Europe where it already available. China and India are also on the list of potential expansions before the end of 2016.

Currently, Netflix is available in 50 countries. It needs another 150 to fulfill its huge pledge of 200 by 2016. Netflix’s stock once again surged on the news it was launching in Japan by 8 per cent, taking the total growth in the stock to 92 per cent over the past six months.