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Tube strikes and the beauty of BYOD

With the tube strikes looming this evening and set to cause major travel disruption for London workers, Claire Galbois, Director of Cloud Solutions, Accellion has made the following comments:

"The beauty of BYOD is that the business world doesn’t come to an end just because the tube does. It's one thing to be able to send an email, skype IM or SMS, but with mobile file-sharing solutions employees can securely access their files and folders anytime, anywhere.

"There is clearly a pent-up demand for flexible working conditions, but infailing to provide employees with the right applications across a range of devices it increases their inability to access the tools and services they need. Organisations that provide employees with enterprise mobile platforms designed to let them work remotely will reap the rewards not just today, but for the foreseeable future.So whilst employers can't avoid major travel disruptions, they can at least stay connected and keep the ball rolling.

"By making mobile content security a regular part of an enterprise's BYOD environment, organisations will help employees work securely inside the office or out, bringing a bit of freedom to the workday, all year round.