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Why can't Amazon Echo control Fire TV?

Since receiving Amazon Echo, Alexa, the name Amazon gives these devices, and I have grown to know one another. We mostly get along, but occasionally argue.

It (she?) has learned my habits, but began playing the news the other night while I was watching TV, rather annoyingly. I'm looking forward to testing its home automation features with Nest thermostat and GE Link bulb in the near future. Hopefully Alexa won't decide I no longer need heat or lights!

But what can't Echo do? That's an open-ended question with many answers, depending on what the user wants. However, I'm only asking for one small thing, at least for now.

So here's an open letter to Amazon:

Dear Amazon,

I love my Fire TV, it's been a great device and it handles every task flawlessly.It obviously takes care of Prime TV, but Hulu, Sling and more work just as well. It will even play games and the controller is very nice. The Bluetooth remote and voice search are also excellent. It's a job well done.

As for your Echo, it's also well done. While bordering on the creepy side, it does what I ask...usually. The response time is tremendous and the answers are accurate, though sometimes it simply refuses my request, but I can live with that.

But, here's the thing Amazon -- why can't Echo control Fire TV? This seems a basic concept that anyone would have thought of. Echo allures us to the opportunity of no remote, but fails to get us there..

Thanks for your time,


For now there is workaround, though it's a bit convoluted. It involves lots of steps and utilizes IFTTT and Dropbox, which makes it a bit non-user friendly.

Will Amazon add this feature? Most likely, as it seems unavoidable. It's just question of why it wasn't there at launch. Other features are certainly on the horizon as well, but so far the company remains mum on all of this.