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HMRC's digital journey continues: The introduction of personal tax accounts

HM Revenue and Customs (opens in new tab) has taken the next “big step” in its digital journey by launching the test version of its Personal Tax Account.

In the UK, businesses already have access to an online tax account, but this new account is designed to help people across the country manage their tax affairs more easily.

Eventually, the tax account will bring together all of a person’s information, as well as hosting new services in one place, with the aim of putting the individual in control of their own information.

The online service will also allow people to keep their taxes and tax credits up to date as they will be able to instantly tell HMRC when their circumstances change.

By implementing this service, the Department hopes to eliminate the need for a paper tax return for many people by the end of the year.

It has also created a service where users will receive secure messages and reminders when it is time for them to do something, so they can avoid missing deadlines and users can easily manage payments quickly online.

The private beta tax account was launched on 2 July so a number of invited participants are already using the programme.

The account currently provides the ability to view personal details such as name, National Insurance number and address, a Tax Estimate Service explaining how much an individual will pay through PAYE to replace the paper P2 tax coding notice and links to income tax-related online forms on GOV.UK.

“At every stage of its development, we are testing the account with customers,” claimed programme director for the personal tax account Richard James (opens in new tab).

“We’re also learning about the help and support that customers need to interact with us through their account. That way when the account goes live, we hope everyone will find it really useful and be able to use it easily,” he added.