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New research indicates next to no-one is using Apple Pay

There's more bad news for Apple this morning, as following reports indicating that the Apple Watch has slumped in terms of sales, a new piece of research has suggested that Apple Pay is also struggling.

The latest results from the Apple Pay Adoption Tracker, as compiled by and InfoScout, has revealed that only a very small percentage of iPhone 6 owners actually make use of Apple Pay on a regular basis – just 3 per cent in fact (that's users of the standard iPhone 6 and the phablet flavour – some 1500 were surveyed in the US).

Back in the last report, in March, 15.1 per cent of users said they had actually made use of Apple Pay, but in the latest June survey, this had dropped to 13.1 per cent. In the March report, 39.3 per cent of those polled said they had used Apple Pay in the transaction they were being asked about, which dropped to just 23 per cent in June.

The report also dug into the question of why people aren't using Apple's payment service. Just over a third – 34 per cent – said it was because they simply weren't familiar with how Apple Pay works. And 32 per cent replied that they were quite satisfied enough with their current way of paying for goods.

Karen Webster, CEO, commented: “This is the third instalment of the PYMNTS/InfoScout Apple Pay Adoption Tracker, and the results are pretty clear… Apple Pay has not become a regular habit for users who have the application and are able to use it in stores that accept it.”

This would all seem to suggest that newer iPhone 6 buyers are less inclined to bother with Apple’s payment service – although it will be interesting to see how Apple Watch owners impact the figures, as they’ll be included in the next report.

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