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Orders from the Chinese Government to remove homemade pornography

China has been very active about their anti-pornography laws these days and they are cracking down on everything, according to the China’s top anti-pornography office. The latest order is that people should remove homemade sex videos from the social media websites, or they will be removed.

As an additional step to prevent people from uploading more pornographic content on the social media, The Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publication has demanded the government authorities at all levels to crack down on this type of obscene content and prosecute the people who are responsible for publishing and uploading it.

The office says that it is this type of obscene content that has disrupted the social decency of the entire country and has also negatively affected the online order in both, the moral standards and the law.

This new crackdown is followed by a viral sex video that was spread on the Internet in July. The video was recorded on a mobile phone inside the fitting room of Uniqlo, a clothing retailer in Beijing. The authorities are actively investigating the case. As of now, four people have been detained. It is suspected that they were involved in spreading the sex video.