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Tesla's long awaited, delayed Model X finally gets a launch date

After three years of waiting, Tesla has finally set a launch date for the Model X. It is expected to be launched in September, arriving at show floors shortly after.

The Model X pre-orders started in 2013, with production set to start later that year. Sadly, Tesla went into a state of polishing for two years, where they didn’t want to release the car without making it perfect for the customer.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk commented on how the Model X will look different from concept models back in 2012, and will actually look better. The team has been working on fine tuning the car, along with a few design changes for 24 months.

An option for designing the colour, interior and performance will be available on the Tesla website in a few weeks, according to Musk. The CEO also confirmed the Model X will cost around the same as the Model S, which starts at £50,000 for all wheel drive after tax subsidies.

In an investor’s call, Tesla said it expects to ship 12,000 cars in the third quarter, with a small number of those being Model X. This is a 60 per cent increase in car’s shipped compared to Q3 2014.

The Model X “has more functionality than a minivan, more style than an SUV and more performance than sports car”, as said in the original reveal back in 2012. One of the wackiest features on the SUV is the falcon wing doors, which fold upwards when opened instead of outwards.

Tesla has been riding a wave of consumer change from gasoline to electric, pushing cars and governments to change their views. It has also set up electric stations to top up on juice for the Model S, with over 27 Superchargers located in the UK.

The investment Tesla has put into changing the opinions on electric cars can be seen by the amount of people that want to own a Model S. Musk hopes that the same hype will surround the Model X, and in the future the Model 3.