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Top-secret report posted on 4chan, nobody cared

There are many reasons why I love 4chan, including rules 1 and 2 which I just broke. However, another reason I love 4chan is that it's no one's personal army, and just because you posted highly sensitive, classified report obtained from an Australian spy agency on the site’s board, it doesn’t have to mean you will be taken seriously.

Something similar happened to Michael Scerba, a Department of Defence graduate, who posted a thread on 4chan’s board, naming the thread “Julian Assange is my hero”.

According to a report by IB Times, the post allegedly made by Scerba read: "I release what I feel should be in the media: bombings, civilian deaths, actions of the 'terrorists' that just aren't reported in the media."

He attached a highly sensitive report obtained from an Australian spy agency, but the thread only got four comments and was deleted an hour later. One of the comments read “Fake and Gay”, which is a 4chan meme used to describe something that’s interesting to pretty much no one.

However, if 4chan seemed disinterested in the report, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t downloaded by someone, which is why Scerba is being prosecuted.

He was identified by the Australian Federal Police, who tracked the IP address of the original post. At his home they found a broken disc in a bin, which prosecutors claim contained a 15-page document obtained from the agency.

The documents were reportedly marked with "Secret, 5 eyes", referencing the alliance of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

The date for Scerba's trial is yet to be set, though court records suggest that he will plead guilty to at least one of the charges brought against him.