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YouTube kills the 301+ view count, claims it can auto-filter robots

YouTube is bringing an end to the infamous 301+ view count.

In a short infographic on the subject, YouTube said it was incapable of separating bots from actual viewers, leading to the 301+ situation. Essentially, the view count would be halted while YouTube remove bot views.

For large channels, this sometimes took a full day, leading to many commenters asking how the video could have 301+ views but thousands of comments. Thankfully, that question need ever be asked again with the new change.

Most of 2014 and 2015 was YouTube fixing bottlenecks in the system to offer a faster and efficient video service. Having an authentic view count will not only improve clarity for viewers, but should offer better analytics for channels on what worked and what didn’t.

It will also remove the ability to boost a video view count, to possibly have it featured on YouTube’s curated pages. Let’s just hope content creators don’t see a drastic drop in viewers with this new system.

This is another nice update to YouTube, following up from the video player update added earlier this week. It appears YouTube is much more active in 2015 than it was last year, possibly due to Google's large investment in the video service.

YouTube is also seeing more video competition from Netflix and Facebook, both scooping up the prime-time views from Google's video service. That said, one YouTube creator has spoken out on Facebook's disingenuous video service, claiming it will never be a haven for content creators.

In the second half of 2015, we expect YouTube will rollout the Music Key and subscription service. YouTube Gaming is another expansion we are bound to see launch in 2015, to compete with Twitch.TV.