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Apple reaches 85% adoption on iOS 8

Apple has reached the 85 per cent mark with iOS 8 adoption, a few weeks after the announcement of the iOS 9 open-beta. The adoption rate is five per cent lower than iOS 7 achieved at the same time last year.

iOS 7 is still active on 13 per cent of devices, while 2 per cent of users still run on older platforms.

iOS 8 had issues in the first few months, after a few failed updates that crashed the entire system. We suspect users who heard about those crashes remained away from the update for a while. Apple also made the iOS 8 update massive, needing over 4GB of storage available.

Apple has fixed some of the issues it had with iOS 8—including the size—on iOS 9. The full update only needs 1GB of storage available, and Apple has run five beta updates already to make sure the launch will be bug free on all devices.

The 85 per cent adoption rate still shows Apple can push most users to the newest operating system, something that Google is lacking. Android Lollipop—which launched last year—still only has 18.1 per cent adoption according to the newest distribution figures.

iOS 9 will be released in the fall this year, most likely late September to fit with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch. It comes with a ton of optimisation, multi-tasking and a new search bar. News, Wallet and Apple Maps public transit will all be available in the update as well.