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Apple Store redesign merges product pages with online store

The Apple Store has received a quality of life update, merging the product pages and the online store. While it might seem like a small change, it removes the need to place a product in the order cart to gain access to the online store.

From the offset, this is how the online store should have worked. It allows customers with shipping orders to quickly check the status. Now all we need is permanent sign-in, instead of forcing the customer to sign-in twice on the store.

The shopping bag will always be displayed on the top right of the page. Other than that, the storefront looks similar to what it did prior to the update.

Apple’s online store sells millions of products every day worldwide. Having just one small update could potentially change the amount of sales produced online. We suspect the ease of access to the checkout page is a big boon for customers.

The store is going to become more vital as Apple pushes customers to buy online instead of in-store. The Apple Watch was pushed online heavily, while in-store limits were set on the amount of time a customer could check the device out, we suspect similar limits will be set for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.