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Night mode comes to Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS has gotten an update, and this one aims to make life easier for people navigating during the night.

Now you can label waypoints on your map and in search suggestions according to the patch notes, and even alter captions for photos that you've added as well.

Besides, there are the usual bug fixes, but this night mode thing seems to be in everyone's centre of attention. It swaps the glare of the usual white accents for altogether darker hues. The idea is to avoid dazzling drivers navigating at night.

I haven't really used an iOS device so I'm not entirely sure, but Android has a feature which automatically adjusts the screen's brightness according to the amount of light in the room.

Apple released its maps back in 2012, called Apple Maps, but that app has quickly become a laughing stock. It was so poorly done that it became a meme. Users were complaining about the lack of public transportation integration and visible distortion of well-known landmarks in the application with the hashtag #ios6pocalypse.

On the day of the release, a number of high-profile media publications posted about the gloomy reception the app has gotten. Even a Twitter parody account, @iOS6maps was created to interact with people’s complaints.

Things quickly changed when Google introduced its Maps for the iOS, which have been in use ever since.

However, Apple has yet to give up on its navigation app. It has updated it in iOS 9 to include public transit support. During the WWDC, Apple proudly declared that Maps will support transit systems for a number of major cities in the US, Europe and China.