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Microsoft brings more apps to smartwatches

Microsoft has really taken this whole “we’re a software company” thing seriously. It has released a couple of apps for smartwatches, both for Android and the Apple Watch.

Among the newly released apps are Outlook for the Apple watch, OneNote for Android Wear and the Microsoft Translator for both platforms.

OneNote was also released for the Apple Watch earlier this year.

The Microsoft Translator app allows the watch’s users to translate to and from 50 languages via text. Through voice recognition, a user can speak into the device, and have it output in one of the 50 languages. The app also lets users go back and view their recently translated phrases, and pin frequently used translations so they have quick access to key phrases.

OneNote also uses voice recognition to make it easier to create or access notes. You can dictate notes to your watch by saying “Ok Google, take a note”.

Outlook brings emails and calendars to the Apple Watch. You can read the full email, archive and delete emails, as well as quick reply either with canned responses or voice.

Wunderlist has also been added. You can use the Force Touch gesture to start the app, and then simply speak into the device to take notes.

OneDrive is making an appearance on Android Wear watches too, harnessing the images you supposedly store on the cloud to beautify your watch face.

Just make sure you don’t leave any compromising photos on your cloud storage, because that could be quite unfortunate.