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Report shows public sector is embracing public cloud services

New research suggests that large numbers of public sector organisations in the UK are embracing public cloud services to drive their digital aspirations.

EMC (opens in new tab), VCE (opens in new tab) and VMware (opens in new tab) partnered up for a study of more than 600 business decision makers across the country and 85 per cent of respondents from the UK public sector revealed they were using public cloud services.

Furthermore, 60 per cent of participants said that they were using some form of public cloud services whether validated by IT or not.

According to the research, over a third are using public cloud for back-up and recovery services, while 35 per cent are using it for hosting internal applications.

The researchers claim that this highlights a need for public sector IT departments to have a hybrid cloud strategy in place that gives easy access to cloud services but in a controlled, compliant manner.

“The findings from this research are very positive for the public sector. Line of businesses are using public cloud services to drive efficiencies across the organisation – both for employees to access data inside the organisation and to speed the delivery of citizen focused services, for example passport applications, that fluctuate at times throughout the year,” claimed VMware head of public sector strategy Andy Tait.

“In order for the UK public sector to drive efficiencies in a secure, flexible, agile and compliant manner, business users need to look at embracing a hybrid cloud strategy that can provide portability of workloads, one set of management tools and deliver services such as disaster recovery and built in security- without the cost of having to invest in unnecessary resources and tools,” he added.

Cloud works well with decreased budgets

Pressure on UK public sector organisations to deliver efficiencies is increasing and the report claims that the adoption of cloud services is being led predominantly by affordability.

Ease of use and “right solution for the application being used” were also cited as reasons for turning towards the public cloud.