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Sky under Ofcom investigation over ignored cancellation requests

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom is investigating complaints from ex-Sky customers, who claim requests to cancel contracts are being ignored. It will look into Sky’s cancellation policy, and how that is adopted across the country.

Several consumers reported hour long phone calls with Sky representatives, which ended with Sky ignoring the request. Others complained that Sky would not listen to email, fax or mail requests to cancel the contract, ordering customers to confirm information on the phone.

Ofcom will look into these complaints, with potential fines for the way Sky treated customers. It may also look towards easier standards for customers to cancel TV, landline and broadband contracts, following a similar change in policy for wireless carriers.

These investigations can take anywhere between six and eight months, with Ofcom having to verify with multiple organisations and people to see the severity of Sky’s abuse.

BT Group asked for an investigation into pay TV a few months ago, but Ofcom denied the request. It looks like it will investigate at least one pay TV provider however.

BT and Sky are locked into a battle of price, availability and TV content. With both providers paying millions for Premier League games, an investigation could potential cost one of the providers millions, if they’re found to be abusing the pay TV market.

“We’re committed to delivering the best service in the country and we believe this is one of the reasons why more customers than ever are choosing Sky. We will work closely with Ofcom to help them with their investigation,” a Sky spokesperson said.

Sky also noted a 8.7/10 customer satisfaction rate, although that doesn’t show it has been compliant with customer cancellation requests.