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Tesla reveals creepy robotic snake charger

Tesla Motors' Twitter and YouTube page has revealed a video showing a robotic arm prototype designed to charge up its Model S car.

The prototype is the first sneak peek of what seems to be an alternative and smart concept in electric car charging to the public.

It was only in December 2014 when Elon Musk said on Twitter that it was working on a charger that "automatically moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake."

The revelation by the car company this week was the visualisation of this description, which indeed shows a metal arm slowly moving towards the car's charging port.

However, there is a fair amount of irony in the device as Musk is known for his blatant concern about the dangers of a possible artificial intelligence uprising. This had been evidently shown by Musk's earlier support on an open letter calling for the end of an AI arms race.

Nonetheless, the car charger remains a prototype with no definitive timeline for a possible release.

Apart from the charger for its cars, Tesla has also been developing a number of technologies, including Autopilot features for its cars, which promise hands-free highway driving and lane changes.