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SMBs are still massively neglecting security [Infographic]

Smaller businesses often have a limited budget for securing their IT systems which can leave them uniquely vulnerable.

Antivirus company Avast launched its free Avast for Business cloud offering aimed at SMBs earlier this year and has been surveying users to find how they handle their security.

Among the findings are that almost three-quarters of respondents say that all of their employees use the internet. Yet despite the high number of data breaches 57 per cent of SMBs in the UK invest only between zero and two per cent of their IT budget on security.

There's little consistency in who handles security either. One out of 10 said respondents say that an employee who isn't a dedicated IT admin handles the company's IT support services. Almost half have an in-house technician, 10 per cent have an external supplier or technician to handle the company's IT support services and 28 per cent of SMB owners handle their company's IT.

Before switching to Avast for Business 55 per cent of SMBs were relying on free consumer security solutions. Only 23 per cent used premium business solutions and a worrying three percent used no solution at all.

The biggest threats are seen as losing valuable data (31 per cent) along with loss of productivity (23 per cent) and losing customers (16 per cent). Where BYOD is concerned 52 per cent allow employees to access company data on their own devices, but more than half of these (54 per cent) don’t have a BYOD policy in place.

There's a summary of the survey findings in infographic form below or you can read more on the Avast blog.

Avast infographic

Image Credit: Manczurov / Shutterstock