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Continuous consultation: Getting the most from your cloud vendor

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when switching to the cloud, is not making most of the relationship with their supplier.

One crucial distinction between the cloud and traditional approaches to computing is that in the latter, software is a product, while in the former it is a service. And it’s important to realise that this service is ongoing.

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When businesses move to the cloud, cost is often one of the deciding factors. Organisations assume that they can get the same level of service from an external supplier as they would from internal resources, but often this undersells the cloud environment, as it is possible to get much more from the cloud.

Cloud vendors not only have access to hardware and software that could help your business, but also expertise. A cloud partnership is an opportunity to engage in consultation with your supplier to see what opportunities are available to amend software or create something new that suits your company’s specific needs. If businesses do not take advantage of this, then they miss out on the flexibility and agility that represents the cloud at its best.

Even if an organisation has an existing cloud package that is working well, it is worth seeing if more of your business can be transitioned to the cloud. Recent studies have shown that the majority of businesses already use the cloud in some form, so one way to extract more value from this technology is to use more cloud services. However, it is crucial that resources are only moved to the cloud where appropriate and when a thorough analysis of the benefits and drawbacks has been carried out.

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Getting the most from your cloud vendor is vital to your business so choosing the right supplier is crucial. Many cloud vendors have pre-packaged bundles, but it’s worth checking if any modifications can be made, and whether these packages are right for your company.

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