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Apple's iPad mini 4 will be a svelte tablet, rumour mill reasserts

It seems that the iPad mini 4 will indeed be as thin as the current flagship iPad Air 2, as a previous rumour claimed.

Mashable reports that another source, in this case the generally reliable OnLeaks, has posted some CAD renders of the incoming compact iPad, with the thickness of the slate labelled as 0.24in.

Convert that to millimetres and you have 6.1mm, which as you may know is the exact measurement of the iPad Air 2. The current iPad mini 3 is 7.5mm in thickness, so that's a major degree of slimming down if this speculation is correct – and given the smaller frame of the compact iPad, this will be an even more portable and convenient device to carry around (presumably it will weigh a bit less, too).

Other buzz on the grapevine has indicated that Apple’s new mini-tablet will be powered by an A8 chip, and will boast an 8 megapixel iSight camera, along with an antireflective coating for the display which will help visibility outside.

It’s thought that Apple is planning to launch the iPad mini 4 alongside the iPad Pro, the super-sized version of its tablet that hopes to make an impact on the business world, later this year, with the new flagship iPad Air not coming until early 2016.

Cupertino is certainly hoping that the iPad Pro, being a fresh innovation, will help turn around the slump that the company’s tablet sales have fallen into – we shall see. Certainly on the iPad mini front, as we've said before, we can’t help but think that a reduction in the price of £319 (for the base model) would help this smaller slate shift a few more units. However, in all honesty, there’s not much likelihood of that happening…