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Carphone Warehouse hit by major hack, financial details spilled

There has been another major hack which has hit the headlines, this time targeting Carphone Warehouse, with some 2.4 million customers potentially having been affected.

Personal information including emails, addresses, and dates of birth have been pilfered, but not only personal details, but also financial information in some cases, such as bank account or card numbers.

As Channel reports, the company said that the encrypted credit card details of some 90,000 customers could have been stolen, a worrying state of affairs indeed.

The hack hit the division of Carphone Warehouse which runs the, and websites, and also provides services for iD Mobile (CW’s own freshly launched MVNO – off to a great start), TalkTalk Mobile and Talk Mobile.

We have used ourselves and received an email on Saturday informing us of the incident.

It read: “I am writing to you as a precaution after we discovered on the 5th of August that some of our IT systems had been subjected to a sophisticated cyber attack.

“We immediately took action to secure these systems and launched a full investigation with a leading cyber security firm to help us understand the impact of this attack. Our investigation is still going on.”

Given that the incident happened on Wednesday last week, there has been some controversy regarding the fact that warnings were only sent out at the weekend.

The email notes that the company has implemented "additional security measures to prevent further attacks", and warns customers to notify their bank and check for any suspicious activity relating to their account or credit card.

It also states that you can check your credit rating to ensure a loan hasn't been taken out in your name as a result of stolen details, via Experian or Equifax – though of course, you’ll have to pay for this, a prospect which has displeased more than a few customers (we’re none too chuffed ourselves).