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Next Apple phone less than a month away

Apple is less than a month away from announcing its next smartphone, and still people have no idea whether it will be an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 7.

Even though there have been many hints pointing that it will, in fact, be an iPhone 6S, new reports such as this one from The Inquirer point to the release of the iPhone 7.

According to the latest reports, the new Apple smartphone will be announced at an event on September 9. Judging by Apple's usual timings, this means that the next iPhone will go on sale in the following week on 18 September.

"Apple's next smartphone is expected to debut as the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, and probably won't be that different to the current iPhone 6“, The Inquirer writes. "It's expected to feature the same design, although some rumours claim that there will be a 'rose gold' model (below), and looks set to launch in the same 4.7in and 5.5in versions."

There also won’t be any changes to the screen size, but the device will feature the Force Touch technology, which has already been implemented in the new MacBook and the Apple Watch.

Force Touch is a technology which allows the device to recognize the force of a tap and respond differently to variations in pressure.

It is also possible that the company will announce the new Apple TV, too. The new version could feature a slimmer chassis, Apple's A8 system on chip, an increase in on-board storage, and an improved operating system that will support Siri voice control and the App Store.