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Nokia's smartphone return is gathering momentum

After selling its handset business to Microsoft last year, Nokia is giving hints that it will be attempting to reclaim its throne in the smartphone space.

In a preparation for its comeback, the Finnish firm is now hiring software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners.

The company's technologies division has advertised California-based jobs via LinkedIn, including positions for product development. The openings for the post includes Android engineers specialising in the operating software Nokia mobile devices will use.

A May announcement by Nokia also mentioned plans to lay off about 70 people at the division, but was halved, according to a later report.

Nokia is expected to make its official return in the smartphone business in late 2016 after a non-compete deal with Microsoft expires.

The company has limited its information by saying that some if its staff at the technologies division are working on designs for new consumer products.

Nokia had already began to jump back into the scene as it launched its N1 Android tablet last year. An Android app called Z Launcher, which organises content on smartphones, has also been released along with this.

The firm also recently affirmed a speculation that it would be launching a new phone in the very near future, as well as recently announcing an upcoming launch of The Ozo, a new virtual reality camera, which is aimed at professional content producers and Hollywood movie-makers.