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Unreal Engine 4 mod brings virtual reality to life like never before

The capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 are still being explored, and one popular modder CryZENx has uploaded an incredible photorealistic interior mod, which looks perfect for virtual reality simulations.

The apartment is decked out with all of the usual things; a couch, bed, TV and fireplace. Some of the objects seem to be imported from photos, while others are rendered inside the Unreal Engine and may be usable and moveable.

The only parts that look “in-engine” are the fire and water effects from the fireplace and rain outside. A quarter of the way through the video, we get a look at the POV focusing on the window, showing the rain droplets slide down.

Even though CryZENx has not made the mod strictly for virtual reality, Unreal Engine 4 does work with Oculus VR. Having a ‘hub’ area in the VR world, where you can watch movies and meet with friends, would be an interesting idea.

It is also one Facebook and Oculus are considering, with news friends will soon be able to watch movies together at Oculus Cinema. This social edge could turn downtime spent watching YouTube videos into time spent in virtual reality… watching YouTube videos.

Even though the photorealism is captivating, it would be incredibly hard to render those same objects and make them usable. Being able to sit on the chair, lie in the bed or even run water in the bath would take a lot of effort, and would probably require downgrading.