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Warning: Electric skateboards are also vulnerable to hacking

If you’re an electric skateboard owner, then you should consider this article as a warning. Security experts from Stripe and eBay have found that electric skateboards can be easily hacked and controlled.

The worst part is that the rider could end up with quite nasty injuries, or worse.

Richo Healey, security experts who works for Stripe and eBay security employee Mike Ryan, worked together to find this vulnerability.

Electric skateboards use Bluetooth Smart technology, with absolutely no encryption being implemented. This means that an attacker can easily cut the controller off from the board and issue their own commands through a laptop.

They can issue commands such as turning wheels to full speed reverse. With the fact that these skateboards can go up to 20 miles per hour, a sudden change in direction would definitely result in the user flying off the board

Once they found this vulnerability, Healey and Ryan tried the exploit on almost every brand of electric skateboard and they were shocked to know that there is at least one critical vulnerability in these boards.

Boosted (an electric skateboard brand) is the first one to issue a patch and it will be updated in the next firmware release. The company has added the Bluetooth encryption and have named it version 2.0.

Image source: Shutterstock/melis