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WhatsApp finally gets an iOS update to catch up with Android

WhatsApp has some good news for all you Apple users out there, as it has released an iOS update which brings some new features already available on Android handsets.

Now, once you update your WhatsApp to the latest version, you can delay any awkward conversations by swiping right that’ll mark your messages as unread. This will help you avoid some potentially uncomfortable situations.

Other new features include cropping images and videos before sharing them with your friends. Once you select the image or video, you will find new tools at the top of the screen that will help you edit them as you wish.

You can also share your location, even if you just don’t want to message the directions to your friends. All you have to do, is tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen and select Share Location.

But this last new feature will save you the money you’ve been trying to save.

We all love WhatsApp calls and finally, it has been able to reduce the amount of data it uses. To make sure that your data package doesn’t blow up after a couple of calls, just head over to Settings > Chats & Calls > and switch to Low Data usage.