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Customers attack Carphone Warehouse over data breach delay

As the fallout from the Carphone Warehouse data breach continues, customers are asking why they were not informed of the issue sooner.

The mobile retailer discovered that it had been the victim of a cyberattack last Wednesday but did not inform the public until a few days later, which some customers have argued has made their lives more difficult.

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The attack may have compromised the personal details of 2.4 million customers while 90,000 may have had their encrypted card details accessed. Many have taken to Twitter and other social media outlets to criticise Carphone Warehouse for waiting until the weekend to reveal the incident as it is more difficult to contact banks outside of weekday working hours. Industry experts, however, have taken a more sympathetic view, proposing that the delay may have allowed Carphone Warehouse to better assess the damage caused.

The hack affects customers of a number of brands owned by Dixons Carphone including, and Individuals have been advised to change their passwords to reduce the likelihood of them becoming a victim of fraud. They are also being advised to check their credit rating and to be extra vigilant against follow up attacks, particularly from hackers claiming to be from Carphone Warehouse.

The company has reiterated to customers that it takes security extremely seriously and has been informing those affected via email. Via Twitter, the retailer also explained that “any affected customers without email addresses or if we have had a bounceback, will be contacted by a text message.”

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As well as creating a host of anxious customers, the cyberattack has also grabbed the attention of UK regulatory bodies. Get Safe Online, a government security service, called the breach “hugely concerning,” while the Information Commissioner’s Office has said it is “making inquiries” into the incident.