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Virgin Media fastest Netflix provider in the UK, EE is the slowest

Netflix has released its monthly report on the state of Internet service providers across the world, with the July 2015 update revealing little change in the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media has accelerated its lead, with an average of 3.96Mbps speed. Second in the running is BT with 3.63Mbps, quite the drop off from Virgin’s score.


Back in March 2015, the numbers were a lot closer, with Virgin at 3.59Mbps and BT at 3.45Mbps. Virgin has shot up since then, while BT has continued its slow and steady growth nationwide. Virgin originally took the first spot in April 2014 and has kept growing since.

Third place goes to Talktalk, managing an average of 3.34Mbps on Netflix. Talktalk is another ISP that is surpassing its rivals, gaining ground over EE in November 2014, and surpassing Sky by February 2015.

Sky is fourth with an average speed of 3.22Mbps, wrestling with EE for control of fourth place. EE managed a slightly lower 3.18Mbps, gaining ground on Sky since March 2015.


Even though the difference between Virgin Media and EE comes to less than 1Mbps, it is still a substantial difference. It shows the lack of consistency on EE, with a starting offer of 13Mbps going up to over 70Mbps.

Netflix requires networking speeds of over 2Mbps to keep stop any problems, but recommends speeds over 5Mbps. Since most UK viewers watch the show on console or laptop, it is quite likely speeds are dropped considerably with wireless connection.