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Fisherman catches drone in mid-air, invents new fishing discipline

Unknowingly, this individual might have given birth to a whole new discipline – Drone Fishing. Or Drishing.

Anyway, a YouTube user named Tice Ledbetter was filming the Pacific Beach with his drone, which was something that didn't sit well with one of the fishermen on the pier.

After glancing angrily a few times at the buzzing machine, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and with one swift swing managed to hook the drone with his pole.

As the drone becomes hooked, it begins an upward ascent in an attempt to free itself from the line. We don't see what happens in the end, but we did see the drone's owner having to remove tons of fishing line from the drone's propeller.

“What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!” the drone’s owner says in the video’s description. However, the first comment tells a different story:

“The only a**hole is the Drone Operator. Clue up jerk -- People don't want you buzzing around filming them.”

These two views on the matter sum up the complete drone industry – while one side believes it should be free to film any public location, others are worried about the invasion of privacy and security issues these buzzing machines raise.

Flying drones is still in the grey area of governing, with no clear laws on how these machines can and cannot be used.

For that reason, on July 22 was the Drone Awareness Day in the UK, targeting the increasing number of recreational drone users in the UK.