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Insider spills details of how Force Touch will work on the iPhone 6S

Details of how Force Touch will work on the upcoming iPhone 6S have emerged courtesy of the usual inside sources.

Given the amount of rumours which have spilled out, Force Touch is surely a certainty for the next iPhone – but what the latest buzz on the subject reveals is exactly what use the system will be on a smartphone.

As you're probably aware, Apple introduced Force Touch with its smartwatch to allow users to access interface options that couldn't fit on the device's very small touchscreen. (Force Touch allows a shorter press and a longer press of the screen to register different functions, by the way).

Of course, with an expansive iPhone screen, there isn't the same need for this, so many folks, us included, have wondered what the real point of Force Touch on a handset is, and how close to gimmickry it might sail.

Well, according to sources who spoke to 9 to 5 Mac, rather than accessing extra options that won't fit on the screen, Force Touch will allow the iPhone user to skip some icon presses and trim down existing lists of options.

The website cited a few examples – such as the Phone app icon, which works normally with a normal press, but with a long press, it could take the user straight to the voicemail section, thereby skipping one button press.

Or with the Maps app, you could find a point of interest, and long press on it to immediately initiate turn-by-turn directions, thereby saving two extra icon presses you'd normally have to make.

In other words, it's all about streamlining the interface, taking out as many button presses as possible, thereby making for a much more pleasurable user experience overall.

Of course, all the little shortcuts will take some getting used to, but no one is going to argue with the added convenience.

The iPhone 6S, at least in leaked images, looks very much the same as the current model – which is to be expected with an 'S' refresh – but Force Touch will be the big feature that Apple hopes will push big sales.

The rumour mill has also indicated that Apple is making the next-gen iPhone tougher and more durable, with a stronger chassis that should put paid to the spectre of 'bendgate'. (Don't worry though, there will be another 'gate' scandal to take its place, you can count on it).