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Internet has field day with Palmer Luckey virtual reality TIME magazine cover

The cover of TIME Magazine was supposed to show how interesting and fun it would be to use the virtual reality gadgets. But the Palmer Luckey, the father of the almighty Oculus Rift, magazine cover ended up emphasising the fact that how dorky individuals look like when they are using virtual reality headsets.

The cover really doesn't look like it will be enticing any of us to be trying out VR technology anytime soon, a problem that Luckey has already touched upon in the past.

The biggest mistake that they made, is that they didn’t consider the cover as how the world would look like from a virtual reality gadget. Instead, they merely focused on the part where how the individuals would look like if they were using the VR headsets in the real world.

We won’t say that it is not a reasonable image, because it is pointing out how most of us will look like when using the VR headset which lets be honest will be pretty stupid.

You guessed it, this cover has exploded all over the internet and Palmer Luckey has already became a meme sensation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, now that you’ve read this article, expect a couple of Palmer Luckey posts come up in your newsfeed in any of you social networking accounts.

Here are some of the best memes with spotted so far: 2015-08-11 16-30-34 2015-08-11 16-32-44 2015-08-11 16-33-35 2015-08-11 16-34-16