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Sky Sports brings match highlights straight to viewers' phones

Sky Sports has just provided viewers with a new way to watch football matches as it has closed and renewed La Liga rights and a new deal with The Sun for mobile goal highlights.

Sky Sports subscribers will get free access to The Sun's mobile app called Sun Goals, which shows every back-of-the-net moment from the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and Scottish Premiership.

This means that starting next season, Sky Sports will have the rights to highlight clips from every Premier League fixture - including the matches it's unable to air.

On top of Sky Sports subscribers' access to Sun Goals, users will also have access to the entirety of The Sun's "Sun+" subscription service. This may mean that users will also get full access to the paper's site and apps, including The Sun mobile app.

Sky has also agreed to share clips with the "Murdoch empire" newspapers, such as The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Sky is reportedly preparing its own service for access to the matches in an effort to hold off competition from its biggest rival BT, and the deal is likely a measure to fill in the gap before its own service is complete.