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Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt back shower-head startup Nebia

A Y Combinator startup based in California is looking to save 70 per cent in water usage for every shower you take, with a new shower head. Launched on Kickstarter earlier today, Nebia wants to make a big step in the water saving world.

The team uses the same nozzle technology found in rocket and medical engineering. This allows Nebia to build a shower head that can cover 10 times the normal surface area, while lowering the amount of water needed per shower.

Nebia worked on hundreds of different prototypes before they found one that works.

The shower head can be attached without the need for a plumber. This is smart, because as we have seen with Nest Labs and other smart home devices, having to get someone to install the device can be tricky.

The Nebia shower head also comes with a portable shower at the bottom, which can be used to shower small children or animals.

Even though talking about shower heads in the same way Apple talks about iPhones might sound a bit cheesy, the design does look gorgeous. Of course, people are going to need more than a good design to pay £190 for the shower head, that is where the water savings and potential smart home features come in.

Nebia doesn’t want to add software to the shower head to begin with, but may add an app to tell users how much they are saving in water every time they shower. Future shower heads might also be able to change the temperature of the water automatically.

The Kickstarter has already reached $235,000 (£150,000 of its original $200,000 (£128,000) goal. With backers like Tim Cook and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, it is no wonder Nebia is receiving so much attention.

Nebia intends to build a company dedicated to lowering the amount of natural resources you use at home. The shower head is the first product on its portfolio. California is the major city Nebia is targeting, asking Governor Brown to try out a Nebia shower.