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Windows 10 update error causing reboot loop

Windows 10 continues to suffer from teething problems, with users now reporting that an official update leads to an infinitely repeating reboot loop.

The problem lies with the KB3081424 update, which was released on Wednesday and contains a series of smaller updates contained within a single package.

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The Microsoft forum contains numerous accounts of users that cannot install the update successfully with one user, BrettDM, detailing the problem.

“Downloads, reboot to install,” he explains. “Gets to 30 per cent and reboots. Gets to 59 per cent and reboots. Gets to 59 per cent again and then states something went wrong so uninstalling the update. Wait a few minutes and reboot. Back to login screen.”

Users who have chosen to have automatic updates continue to encounter the problem, but even if you selected to manually install the patch the same issue occurs. Users have highlighted an erroneous entry in the Windows Registry directory as the cause of the fault, but rectifying the problem is not entirely straightforward.

Users must remover the faulty entry manually in order for the update to install properly, but if they modify other entries by mistake they risk damaging their operating system. Microsoft itself has not yet issued an official fix.

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The problem is just the latest to affect users of Microsoft’s new operating system, but this is to be expected when rolling out updates and patches to so many new users. Earlier this month, it was discovered that users with more than 512 application shortcuts experienced a Start menu glitch and others have noticed performance issues when using Google Chrome.