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Windows RT won't get new universal apps, Microsoft confirms

Windows RT 8.1 is about to get a new update, and its users will be able to enjoy a handful of new features.

However, among those features will not be the support for new universal Windows apps, PC World wrote in a report on Monday.

Citing a Microsoft spokesperson which gave a written statement, Windows RT devices will still be able to purchase, download and run apps from the Windows Store that are compatible with the older operating systems, but newer apps (along with those that drop support for Windows RT) will not be available.

This approach does make sense, though, as Windows RT devices won't be upgraded to Windows 10, and the new apps will be built for that particular platform.

Back in January, Microsoft executives had said the company won't be providing a Windows 10 update for ARM tablets.

Still, according to the PC World report, the exclusion of Windows RT doesn't mean Microsoft is abandoning the tablet business.

"Last quarter, Microsoft’s Surface business alone brought in $888 million (£569m), and the company added new features to Windows 10 that are designed to enhance the experience of using 2-in-1 devices that combine the experience of using a laptop and tablet,” it says in the report.

Windows 10 is Microsoft latest operating system, and the first one to be presented as a service, and not as a product.

In the first two weeks following the release, it was installed on more than 14 million devices, and the initial reviews have been mainly positive.