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Irish customer not affected by Carphone Warehouse UK data breach

Carphone Warehouse has confirmed customers in Ireland will not be affected by the recent data breach. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Carphone Warehouse said it uses separate IT systems for Ireland and there are no signs of a breach.

2.4 million people in the UK were affected by the data breach. Credit card information for 90,000 people was vulnerable after the breach. This credit card information is encrypted, meaning the hackers would need to decrypt them before being able to see the information.

Carphone Warehouse is still trying to find the culprits, who managed to attack vulnerabilities in the back-end system. It is one of a growing list of information breaches in the UK, leading some security experts to ask the government for more security standards.

Carphone Warehouse is planning to launch a mobile operator in Ireland, named iD Mobile, next month. It confirmed that registered customers have not lost their information, and the planned rollout is still happening next month.

Additional security measures have been put in place since the attack, to stop any further security breaches. Carphone Warehouse has apologised for the breach and says it will work with authorities and customers to make sure the information is safe and secure.

Considering the magnitude of data some customers add to retailers like Carphone Warehouse, it is imperative security breaches of this scale never happen. Analysts warn that breaches can cause customer loyalty to jolt in the other direction, meaning Carphone Warehouse is likely to lose thousands of customers.

Source: Independent IE