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The cloud infrastructure tools helping to boost business mobility

Mobility is now absolutely vital for a huge number of businesses operating across a wide range of industries and the cloud is, more often than not, the technology that gives firms the flexibility and agility required to gain a competitive edge and outmanoeuvre their rivals.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous use of cloud computing, amongst consumers and businesses, is accessing files and applications remotely. This has boosted work productivity immensely by enabling employees to work wherever they are. External meetings or being unable to get to the office no longer means being out of the loop. The cloud has broken down the physical barriers of the workspace to greatly boost company mobility.

However, there is even more that the cloud can do. Unified communications are being increasingly adopted by businesses as they provide a more flexible service than a traditional telephone line. Using the cloud, information is sent in its digital, rather than analogue, form and is boosted by a number of advanced telephony features. What’s more, cloud-based unified communications mean that users simply need their log-in details and an online connection to access their work phone number and messaging services.

Cloud can also be used to access more than just applications remotely, it can make entire desktop infrastructures available. Desktop virtualisation is proving popular with a number of businesses because of the added flexibility that it provides. With an external vendor managing applications, storage and anything else associated with your desktop, employees are freed from the traditional workstation approach. Instead, they can access their office desktop remotely and benefit from a simpler disaster recovery process.

Whether its desktop virtualisation, unified communications or simply accessing a work app on your smartphone, the cloud is proving a vital enabler for businesses and with future innovations on the way, cloud computing looks set to boost business mobility for years to come.

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