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Firefox browser has been updated for Windows 10

Firefox has been updated with a new look for Windows 10, and some general fine tuning has also been implemented, as ever.

Version 40.0 of the web browser has a clearer overall appearance and some tweaks to the interface with what Mozilla calls bolder design elements, and more space for better viewing web pages.

Mozilla has also ensured that when you search the web via the Windows 10 taskbar, if you have Firefox set as your default browser with the OS (rather than Microsoft's Edge browser, which is initially the default), those web searches won't automatically appear in Bing – rather they will pop up in whatever your choice of default search engine is in Firefox.

The developer also announced that Firefox add-ons will now go through a certification process to help on the security front.

In a blog post, the company wrote: “In future releases of Firefox, any third-party add-on that has not been certified will be disabled by default. Today, you will start seeing warnings next to unsigned add-ons in Firefox, but no add-ons will be automatically disabled.

“These warnings will inform you about add-ons that have not been certified by Mozilla and we’re working with add-on developers to help them meet our standards and make add-ons safer for you.”

Various other security fixes have also been applied, as you would expect with any update.

Firefox for Android has also been updated, and note that the mobile interface has been tweaked so a long press on either the backward or forward buttons in the app menu brings up the history list.